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Rules and Regulations


The Festival proceedings shall be under the management of York Region Music Celebration Committee.
In case of unforeseeable events, the committee reserves the right to postpone, cancel or change the venue of the Festival. The administration fee of $25 will not be refunded.
Any matters not covered in the rules shall be referred to the York Region Music Celebration Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.
York Region Music Celebration Committee will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items, damage to instruments or personal injury during the Festival.


All competitions are open to amateurs only. An amateur is one whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the profession of music.
Students studying under the guidance of the adjudicator are not eligible to participate in the Festival.
Competitors in all classes including voice shall not have reached their 29th birthday as of December 31st, 2014.


Only the first 1000 class entries will be accepted.

Entries must be received by Oct. 10, 2014 accompanied by the specific class fee, plus $25 administration fee, which includes one programme per application.

We are pleased to offer you an on-line registration for the YRMC Festival.
It will help with collecting precise data and avoiding spelling mistakes in contestants’ names, composition title, etc.
Please go to the festival website at and type your information into “Solo entries” registration form or “Duet, Trio and Ensemble” registration form. When you finish press “Submit” button and your form will automatically be delivered to the festival office.

There are three payment options:

  1. On line payment using credit card
  2. Mail a cheque to:
    CCMA/York Region Music Celebration
    9019 Bayview Avenue, Suite 202
    Richmond Hill, Ont., L4B 3M6
    Payable to YRMC Festival
  3. Pay in person at the Festival office – address above

The York Region Music Celebration Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry. An additional charge of $35.00 CA will be applied to any NSF cheque.
Reminder: The entry fee is not refundable for any reason.
Class, dates and selection changes will not be permitted.
Notification about the schedule will be only sent by email. Schedule by classes will also be posted on the Festival website.
For any additional information, please call the Festival Office at (905) 763-2264

International Entries:

In addition to all of the regular requirements for every student, international students are required to:

  • Submit a copy and a notarized English translation of proof of citizenship from the country you are representing.
  • All fees are to be paid in Canadian funds at the time of registration.
  • International students must enter a minimum of three classes.

The decision of the adjudicators must be accepted as final.
No competitor may approach the adjudicator. This may result in disqualification. No teacher or member of the public may speak to the adjudicator. Necessary questions from a competitor must be directed to the officials.
The organizers of the Festival reserve the right to substitute or appoint additional adjudicators.

Performance Requirements & Programming Procedures:

A competition piece cannot be used in more than one class.
Participants must play their selection(s), including studies, from memory. Exception: Memorization for Flute and String Sonatas in Grade 6-10 is encouraged but not required.
Participants must supply original music for the adjudicator. No photocopies allowed.
Length of piece must not exceed 10 minutes, unless time limit is specified. Adjudicator may enforce this time stipulation.
Pieces in all graded classes, except those marked “Own Choices” must be chosen from the current Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus.
Vocalists are to supply their own accompanists. Taped accompaniment is not allowed.
Participants must arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled class.
Time limits must be strictly observed.
For the purpose of the competition, please omit all repeats except Da capo.
Rehearsing on location is not permitted.
Coaching from the audience during performances is not permitted. The competitor involved is subject to disqualification.
Audio and video recording and flash photography are prohibited during sessions.
Classes may be divided or combined at the discretion of the Festival Committee.
Classes marked with a “P” are qualifying classes for the Provincial Music Festival to be held in June 2015.
To be eligible to compete in Concerto class, competitors must enter and compete in a minimum of three other classes. The right to perform with the orchestra can only be granted once in three years.

Scholarships and Awards:

Based on adjudicators’ recommendations, scholarships will be awarded to the competitors who display the most potential to develop musically in the future.
To be eligible for a scholarship, competitors must enter a minimum of three classes and receive a minimum mark of 85.
Participants having been awarded a top trophy or scholarship are not eligible to receive the same award in succeeding years. A top award is defined as being individually listed in the complete listings of awards and scholarships. Additional awards and scholarships do not apply to this category.
All first place winners will receive their winning certificates at the end of every class.
All scholarships, trophies and awards will be presented at the Gala Concert on Saturday, February 7, 2015. Scholarship, award and trophy recipients must attend the Gala Concert in order to collect their award, trophy or scholarship.

Some recipients of the first place certificates may be asked to perform at the Gala concert.

First place winners may be offered additional performing opportunities. By signing the application, the applicant or his/her guardian accepts the rules and regulations of the Festival and if requested, agrees to perform on behalf of the Festival without a fee.

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